Adventure sailing

​Adventure sailing means to approach a full immersion sailing experience which includes willingly participating to all the activities on board, from planning the course to taking the helm, taking care of the boat and exploring the nature, all the while enjoying the vacation and having time to attand to one's favorite hobbies like filming, snoorkeling, where possible, and trekking.

Adventure sailing takes place in areas not easily reached otherways and with help from experts and with a boat which is as environment friendly as possible.

Coastal and ocean passages will have different durations and peculiarities according to the areas where Best Explorer will be during her wanderings around the world.

The crew will include at times groups of old friends joined by sea enthusiasts that have selected to share with us our common passion.

Lovers of nature, sportsmen,  photografers or just inquisitive persons: all have and will found the opportunity to make extraordinary experiences.


How to sail with us

Sailing with Best Explorer is really easy, our new friends are always welcome and will find a hearthy welcome.

The same programs are flexible in respose to the different situations.

In coastal areas the route and the objectives are selected as much as possible according to the wishes and the interests af the participants, taking into consideration the probability to find animals and the beauty of the coast, letting the wind and the opportunity to make new discoveries take the lead.

Since 2015 Best Explorer crossed the Pacific under the responsibility of Arctic Sail Expeditions - Italia, the Club we are connected to, who will bring the boat closer to its next actic adventure planned in 2018.

It is possible to sail with "Arctic Sail" becoming member, as specified on its site

If you are a group af people (at least four) it will be possible as well to organize a special program for you in the same sailing area, finding space in between  Arctic Sail Expeditions - Italia programs.

It may happen often to like cruises dedicated to photography, or programs that leave more time to trekking or for longer periods of sailing, may be with  special training dedicated to teh handling of an ocean going vessel.


Living on board

Sailing mainly in remote places it will seldom happen to stay in modern marinas and one should be prepared to spend most of the time on board.

Food, mainly of italian flavor and style, will be prepared in the boat's kitchen by the crew of which you will be part and meals will be taken all together as a powerful mean to socialize, if at all possible. During passages the crew will be assigned watches that will follow one another without a break (navigation in the open sea continues without stopping even at night).

As soon as the time and the position allow us we will go ashore trekking or take short trips on the raft. If we sail for short distances it is customary to weigh anchor soon in the mornig, possibly before breakfast, if there are interesting places to visit, in order to drop anchor in good time before sunset and keep a "shore" pace.


What should I bring with me

A soft suitcase to be easily stored onboard and a hand baggage.

Sailing up to the tropics: for the night, a pijama, a sleeping bag, a pillowcase, personal toilet kit, personal medecines, one or two towels. To stay inside: two sets of comfortable clothes. For the outside: t-shirts, shorts, swimming suits, a wetsuit and a K-way, sunglasses and a suitable hat, shoes to step on corals, snorkeling equipment.

Photo and videocamera, binocular (tho one of the boat is reserved), a headlamp. It is possible to recharge batteries on board both with 12V and with 220V .

Suntan lotions and mosquito repellents are your responsibility. We do not have scuba diving equipment and it is not possible to carry it on board.

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The way we sail